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Welcome to Henkelstorps Cementgjuteri - Load weights division

Henkelstorps Cementgjuteri is one of the leading manufacturers of load weights for underwater pipes. We are convinced that our products is the obvious choice for the contractor, as well as a key success factor for the project! Our knowledge and expertise will help you to optimize load for all kinds of underwater pipes, big or small.

  • Maximized quality
  • Maximized durability
  • Very easy to mount

  • We are load weight experts
  • Mounted load weight

    HCG answers to demands for quality and flexibility
  • Efficiency

    Straightforward mounting equals a quick laying of pipes
  • Load weighting
    Quick, simple, and safe
  • Precision

    Weighted and secured pipe, ready to be submerged
  • Finally
    Fresh water and sewage on it´s way
  • Weighted pipe is sent out
  • HCG meet the requirements
    With HCG load weights, the project keeps the pace and finishes in time